Monday, December 5, 2016

Looking at Homes for Sale: Consider Living in a Condo in Beverly, MA

Known as the Garden City, Beverly, MA is ideal for buyers who love coastal living and a tranquil atmosphere. The coastal community on the North Shore is the choice of buyers who appreciate small town ambiance with proximity to Boston. Beverly is the ideal community for buyers who love waterfront living, boating, golf, and outdoor summer concerts. Nature trails run along the waterfront or wooded areas, and through the charming downtown section of the city.

Homes for sale in Beverly are as diverse as its neighborhoods. Buying a condo in Beverly is a smart alternative to renting and is more economical than many buyers think. Many of the condos are in older, renovated homes that feature amenities that are common in newer complexes.

Areas To Consider

The renaissance district is for the buyer who loves the nightlife, dining in upscale restaurants, the theater, live musical performances, and shopping at trendy boutiques. The Royal Side neighborhood is close to the downtown area and the commuter railway station. If you're looking for waterfront views, Goat Hill is convenient to commuter trains and downtown. Experience the tranquility of living on the water surrounded by nature and the changing seasons from your private balcony. Beverly Farms and Pride's Crossing are two of the most desirable neighborhoods.

Luxury Condos

If you want to live on the Bass River in an elegant condo where you can socialize with friends in the cozy lounge with a fireplace or media center, entertain guests in your open concept, light filled condo, or relax on your private balcony, then Elliott Landing may be just what you're looking for. The Frick House is a spectacular, turn-of-the-century condo that was formerly a carriage house with wainscoting and custom molding. Original hardwood floors and fireplaces are part of the charm of the Frick House, which has deeded beach rights.

Cummings Center

An advantage to living in Beverly is having access to the Cummings Center, formerly a shoe manufacturing complex. The center houses more than 500 businesses, print and copy services, a post office, medical facilities, and restaurants. The complex is set on 80 landscaped acres with spaces for picnics, a jogging trail, and views of the pond.

If you're searching for a new condo or your dream home on the ocean, Beverly has condos to appeal to every lifestyle and budget.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Real Estate 101: A Few Considerations When Purchasing Older Homes

Buying an older home to renovate is always an adventure. The great thing about buying older houses is that there are plenty of resources available when you require information about their designs as well as renovation ideas. One of the things that may assist you in your search for the perfect real estate is making use of the expertise of an exclusive buyer's agent.

Finding the Right Professionals

If you have plans to renovate but keep your property's historical value intact, you need to make sure you have access to the right professionals. There are many contractors in the Boston North Shore area, but not all of them work exclusively or extensively with older homes. Using a professional who works extensively with older houses will not only ensure they can preserve its value but also ensure they know about many of the issues associated with older homes.

Energy Efficiency

One thing many homeowners are concerned about is whether the home they have bought will be energy-efficient. Even though many older homes will require some changes to be more energy-efficient, these changes are fairly easy to make without damaging the historical features. An energy audit that takes place shortly after you buy the home will likely make a major difference. Some of the changes that may prove beneficial include newer appliances, better insulation, and the addition of storm doors or windows.

The Broad Appeal of Older Homes

Many people purchasing property in the Boston North Shore area find the historic homes in the area very refreshing. These old homes have a very beautiful, unique character that is simply impossible to find in settings with all newer homes. Everyone who visits your new home will enjoy its charm, especially if you have gone to great lengths to help preserve its character. Regardless of whether your house will be primarily a family home, or you have bigger ideas for it, the steps you take to preserve its character will make a difference.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Helpful Things to Consider When Buying Boston North Shore Homes

Homes for sale in the Boston North Shore region always offer a wealth of great possibilities. Making what will be one of the most important decisions of your life requires some planning for everything to work out well. If you follow some common sense advice, including using the help of an exclusive buyer's agent, you'll find that the process will go a lot more smoothly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Real Estate Is Still The Best Investment Option

Do you want to invest some of your hard-earned money for your future? Real estate is one of the best long-term investment choices around, especially in the Boston North Shore area.  It seems that both the stock market and the housing market have recovered from catastrophic losses. The past three years have shown rapid progress with interest rates remaining at or near all-time lows. As Americans begin to rebuild their confidence in the market, they will see it is the best long-term investment around.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homes for Sale: Three Factors that Would Matter Most in Your Search

Finding a home is a challenging task, and finding the perfect one from among the many different homes for sale in even just a single area poses even more of a challenge. In a location that offers diverse choices like Beverly, Massachusetts, you might want to do a few things differently to make your search easier. Read on for different facts you may want to consider to find your dream home.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Real Estate Investments: What You Need to Know About Rental Properties

Overall, the value of investing in real estate has increased over the past decades. One type of real estate investment is basic rental properties. This type of investment involves buying properties and renting them out to tenants. Before you buy your first rental property, here's what you need to know:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tips for Looking at Homes for Sale Before Moving into the Neighborhood

Many people have plans to relocate to one of the wonderful communities on the Boston North Shore, but won't be moving right away. There are enough homes for sale at any given time in this area of Massachusetts that you can easily select the perfect place for a later move-in. However, you'll want to follow some key steps to get the best deal.