Monday, April 25, 2016

Three Ways to Best Communicate With Your Exclusive Real Estate Agent

When you are getting ready to buy your first home or invest in a piece of property, you will need to regularly communicate with your exclusive buyer's agent. If it has been a while since you last went through a real estate transaction, you may be surprised at the new methods of communication that can help your purchase go as smoothly as possible.


Texting is the newest way in which you can communicate with your exclusive buyer's agent. You may text that you are on your way to the property where you agreed to meet or your approval of an item in a contract. Text communications are informal and may not be considered legally binding, so you will still need to meet in-person.


Communicating by phone is still the most popular way to discuss items with your exclusive buyer's agent. Your agent may have updates from the seller's agent, such as the time of an open house or the arrangement of a repair you requested. You can also call the exclusive buyer's agent to ask questions such as a recommendation for a local roofing inspector or electrician. You should expect to get a response back within 2 hours during business hours and within 24 hours on a weekend.


When dealing with formalities in the purchase of a property, you will meet with your exclusive buyer's agent face-to-face. In-person meetings will be needed in order for you to make an offer on a residential property or to handle the request for remedy. You may need to sign a document stating you will only work with your exclusive buyer's agent for a specific period of time, such as for 6 months.


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