Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Helpful Home Viewing Tips for People Looking at Homes for Sale

Much of the advice regarding showing homes for sale is from the seller's point of view. The assumption seems to be that a buyer simply shows up, walks around, and decides whether or not to make an offer. However, unless you're a seasoned investor or a real estate professional, you may be overlooking certain etiquette or making common mistakes that could end up costing you if you decide to buy.

1. If you make an appointment for a viewing, show up on time.

2. Don't bring your children with you to look at a home. Open houses can be very crowded and hectic, and watching or working around active little ones can be distracting for you, the agent or homeowner, and other prospective buyers.

3. Looking into closets and cabinets to determine storage capacity is one thing, but going through someone's drawers and personal property is a definite invasion of privacy.

4. Sometimes the homeowner or agent has established guidelines for the showing. These rules are put in place not as an inconvenience, but to help ensure that the home is kept in show condition for all of the potential buyers.

5. Look beyond typical things like how big the bathroom or bedrooms are, and look for potential problems like a door that swings open too easily, dips in the flooring, and cracks in the walls or ceiling. These can all be signs of structural problems.

Horror stories abound of bad behavior and rookie mistakes from both sides of the negotiating table. Although the onus is on the seller or the broker to set certain limits or conduct a viewing in a professional manner, having an educated and cooperative buyer can make the transaction less stressful for everyone involved. Be proactive when you're checking out a home, but remember to be respectful of the fact that until you sign a contract, you're still in someone's house.


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